Clear Fork Dachshunds

Clear Fork Dachshunds


Frequently Asked Questions

Please take time to read this page which should answer most of your questions about adopting one of our puppies. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Aledo, Texas which is...

15 minutes west of Fort Worth

45 minutes west of Dallas

3 hours north of Austin

4.5 hours north of San Antonio

5 hours northwest Houston.

Do you allow visitors?

For the protection of our dogs and puppies we have strict rules about visitors. We meet all visitors in our driveway and ask that you remain in that area while you are here. If absolutely necessary, we allow you to visit your puppy after it has its first shot (typically around 6-7 weeks). We do not give kennel or nursery tours due to the risk of Parvo being tracked onto our property. Our home has always been Parvo free and want to keep it that way. 

How do I adopt one of your puppies?

Start by reading our website which will answer many of your questions. Next, call / text us at (682) 597-4128 to let us know what you are looking for. We are happy to answer your questions and will probably have some for you too. Once you are certain you want one of our puppies (and we are certain you will provide it with a good home) you may send a deposit to hold a currently available puppy or a spot on our waiting list for a future puppy.  

Once puppies are born, we will post pictures on our website. Those with paid deposits are contacted first and make their pick. Any puppies not reserved are then posted on our website and marked “available”. Pictures will be updated at important milestones (birth, eyes open, standing/walking) so you can watch your puppy grow.

How much is the deposit? How do they work? Is it refundable?

Deposits are $250. A deposit can be paid to reserve an available puppy or a spot on our wait list for future puppies. People on our waitlist are contacted and make selections in the order deposits were received. If it is your turn to pick and you do not like your choices then you have the option of moving your deposit to the next litter. Deposits are nonrefundable because they are a commitment to purchase a puppy. When we add you to our wait list or mark a puppy as reserved for you, we are counting on you to give the puppy a good home and turning away other interested people because of your commitment. Please make sure you understand this before placing a deposit. 

Are your dogs registered?

Yes, all our Dachshunds are pure bred and registered with either the American Kennel Club or the Continental Kennel Club.

How much does a puppy cost?

The price of our puppies varies based on factors such as conformation to breed standard, sex, color and markings. 

How big will the puppies get?

We breed Miniature Dachshunds with an average adult weight of 8-11 pounds. However, diet and exercise can affect final weight. 

Do you ship puppies? What about delivery?

We do not ship puppies as cargo because we feel this is both unsafe and traumatic for them. However, we do offer delivery options for those who are not able to pick up their puppy in person...

Car Nanny

Our experienced and trusted Car Nanny delivers to your home or a prearranged meeting place. This is an individual that we know personally (not a commercial puppy transporter) who will give your baby special attention and care for the entire trip.

Car delivery price: 

Varies by distance, message me and I’ll put you in contact with our nanny.

Flight Nanny- not always 

Our Flight Nanny is also someone we know personally. She is an animal lover and a flight attendant. She’s the perfect person to transport your baby if you live outside Texas! Our Flight Nanny will meet you at your nearest airport. 

Plane delivery price:

Varies based on distance and current airline rates. Message me and I will put you in contact with our Flight Nanny to get rates. 

Airport Delivery (you fly here) You may fly to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) if you want to buy a round trip ticket and carry the puppy in the cabin with you. Rental cars, taxis and Uber drivers are available to bring you to our house. If arranged in advance, we may be available to deliver the puppy to DFW for $50. Our schedule is very full so this is not always possible. Please keep in mind that you will need to buy a ticket for yourself (price varies) and the puppy ($150) plus an airline approved carrier ($50-$75) so it is often less expensive to use our flight nanny

Small private planes may fly into Bourland Field or larger private planes may fly into Meacham Field. Delivery to either location (when available) is $25.

When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies must be completely weaned and eating dry kibble to be released. We reserve the right to keep a puppy past 8 weeks if we feel it is small and needs more time to wean. Please remember these are babies with immature immune systems. We ask that you not take your puppy to places like Petsmart, dog parks, hotels or anywhere unknown dogs have been until they have completed all vaccinations. Your vet can tell you when it is safe to take your puppy in public. 

What comes with my puppy?

Puppies come with registration papers, a shot record, feeding instructions, toys, a blanket with mom’s scent, safety tips and discount access to our recommended food and supplement. Plus, we are always available for questions to help make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible.  

What type of food are you feeding the puppy and what supplies should I buy?

Our puppies are fed PawTree Real Chicken and Oatmeal formula. For more information on this awesome food and a complete supply list visit our Puppy Supply Page here:

What should I bring to pick up my puppy?

A crate or basket is useful to carry the puppy home in. Some puppies get car sick so it may be a good idea to bring puppy pads or paper towels and trash bags. Remember it is not safe to stop roadside with a young puppy. If you have a long drive plan on disposing of waste when you stop. 

Clear Fork Dachshunds